Avoiding Entry Level “Real Job” Scams

man with briefcaseThis is a guest post by Nickolay Lamm. Finally! An e-mail! It’s from Davis Direct Marketing and they want to hire you for an entry-level marketing position. Unfortunately, the reality of many e-mails like these is that the company itself is a scam. Yes, they have a location, a manager and people working for them. At best, they are simply deceiving you into a door to… Continue reading
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7 Ways to Avoid Facebook Scammers

icon_facebookThis is a guest post by Nickolay Lamm. Scammers target platforms, such as Windows, which are used by a lot of people. The popularity of Facebook has encouraged scammers to take efforts to the social network. Here are 7 ways to make sure that they don’t get to you… Use Apps that You Can Trust Facebook apps that promise some sort of “trick” (Who Viewed Your… Continue reading
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Seven Tips to Help Avoid Internet Scams

listThis is a Guest Post by Holly Miller from Coupon Croc Anyone who hasn’t heard the phrase, ‘Internet scam’ is probably a brand new Internet user. From email scams to ‘business opportunity’ scams to account hack attempts called phishing, scams to run the gamut. There are even scams that present themselves as from the director of the FBI, other security services or international bankers. To avoid… Continue reading
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Easy to Use Video Converters

hamster free video converterWith countless video playing devices and countless number of video file formats, it’s hard for manufacturers and consumers to keep up with constant changes. One AVI file might play on your laptop just fine but refuse to play on your PMP. You need a video converter. It used to be quite difficult and time consuming to convert videos from format to format, but we have… Continue reading
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Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez Facebook Scam

STFU Justin Bieber BabyAre you a Justin Bieber fan who uses Facebook? There’s a Facebook scam going around. The post’s title reads, “TMZ Reports Justin Bieber Punched Selena Gomez IN THE LIP!!” When you click on the wall post, you are taken to a page supposedly containing the video of the punching scene. If you click on the play button, instead of the video, you will “Like” the page… Continue reading
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Essential WordPress Plugins for My Blog

Wordpress Logo on Black HardwoodTired of looking for the top WordPress plugins? Here’s a fresh list of actively maintained plugins I’m using on this blog. I’ve been running this blog for about two years now. During that time, I have gone through countless plugins. I feel like I now have a good grasp on what the essential plugins are for my site, and thought I’d share my collection of plugins… Continue reading
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